Eva Mayerhofer & Sound Sleep music by Roger Hanschel poems by Christina Rossetti The poems of English poet Christina Rossetti (1830 – 1894) are not overly well-known in this country, yet the singer Eva Mayerhofer used them to develop her initial idea for a new musical project. Forming the congenial counterpart for the musical setting is the lyrically sensual music of the composer and saxophonist Roger Hanschel. The compositions for voice, saxophone, string trio, contrabass and percussion oscillate between chamber musical finesse and noble, refined grooves. The three prestigious, classically trained string musicians of the ensemble – Matthias Lingenfelder (Auryn Quartet), Ulrike Zavelberg (Rubin Quartet) and Martina Horejsi (Rubin Quartet / Gürzenich Orchestra) – stand for the highest virtuosity and masterful interpretation. The unusual instrumentation of the Iranian percussionist Afra Mussawisade and grounded sound of contrabassist Dietmar Fuhr form the foundation of the musical architecture in whose tonal structure the rich colorful spectrum of Roger Hanschel’s saxophone can optimally spread. Eva Mayerhofer interprets Rossetti‘s emotional texts in a soulful, unpretentious and passionate manner. Roger Hanschel’s music offers the singer the opportunity to present herself outside of the work with her own quartet in another musical light, and display new facets of her singing. Roger Hanschel saxophone Matthias Lingenfelder violine Martina Horejsi viola Ulrike Zavelberg cello Dietmar Fuhr bass Afra Mussawisade percussion